I Don't Deal With Divas

Dear Parents, if you have a child that is a diva, or doesn't deal well with the word 'no', this posting is for you.  I'm sorry if it offends, well not really, because I'm doing you and everyone who has to be around your child a favor. 

Let me start off by saying that Elizabeth and I are not divas.  We are well read, intelligent, and can attain things by clearly communicating what we would like.  We don't pout, pitch fits, or scream.  As a matter of fact, none of my children have ever done anything like this, well, ever.  I had dealings with a diva today, and I can tell you that is was one of the most unpleasant happenings of my month.  If pretty is as pretty does, then this child is horribly ugly.  Here's what happened:

I was sitting with another child who just needed a little extra love today.  It happens, and it is my pleasure to help a child feel secure at church.  (sometimes big crowds can be a little too much for some children, so I help facilitate making a big church a little smaller.  I works well.)  I was asked to help another child, I will call Anne, who had intentionally separated herself from the group.  I was kindly engaging her and pulling her back in.  No problem, she can sit with the other little girls I sitting with and myself.

On a side note, I was wearing my bracelet my fam gave me for mother's day.  It's one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. 

While I'm sitting with the two girls, I had another child in the room ask me if I had any little kids.  I said I had four, but they weren't little anymore.  I showed them the bracelet and told them about each of the four.  Elizabeth, being the only girl, has a special 'add on' to her charm.  It's a little princess crown.  She's a sister with three brothers, she is a princess.  She has the makings of a good one too.  She is kind, giving, gentle, decisive, she serves from her heart, and she's just plain cool.

Anne huffed, crossed her arms, began to pout, and then informed me that Elizabeth was not a princess.  Anne said she was a princess because she was in a beauty pageant and had a crown and sash that said she was a princess.

Oh my!  Now I'm understanding this situation very well.  Toddlers and Tiaras to you.  If you've never watched that show, you should, it will help you realize how you don't want to raise children.  At least a handful of those parents need a parenting class.  I'm sorry, your daughter is not a princess because she earns a crown for beauty and having an attitude.  (see above description of Elizabeth.)

Anne removed herself from the other children because she was not getting the attention she felt she deserved.  (eye roll here)  She wanted to argue and tell me what she was going to do and going to get.  (sorry, I don't argue with 5 year olds)  She pouted to try to get her way, and when three leaders told her 'No', she went to her mom after the service, and mom gave in, and got her what little precious wanted.  (gag)  Hey thanks mom for promoting selfishness and inappropriate behavior in  your child, and making our job a little tougher.

For all you school teachers out there...you have my undying respect.  If I had to deal with that everyday, for eight hours a day, I might spontaneously combust.  In our house, if your daddy or I tell you something, the first thing out of your mouth better be 'yes mam' or 'yes sir'.  This shows me that you understand that God has placed me over you in a position of authority.  Now, if you have a question, after you say what you should say first, I have no problem with you asking your question in an intelligent way.  No pouting, pitching fits, or screaming.  If you choose any of the afore mentioned ways to talk to me, you will meet my great friend, Mr. Do Right.  He can usually get children straightened out in no time.  My children have met him once or twice, but funny that when they know Hopson and I mean business, we have had very few problems with them.

I'm a blessed mom.  I have four beautiful healthy children who are loving, obedient, bring honor to the Lord, and our family.  Can you say that about your children? 

Celebrating Life & four great blessings!


  1. HEAR HEAR! I need to print this out and keep a copy of it handy, reading it often, so that I can rear LE to be the kind of child your sweet children are!


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