Applauding Friendship

Watching true friendships form and grow is a wondrous thing to behold.  It is everything that is good and right.  I remember my friends from high school.  I love them dearly.  Their friendships are golden to me: precious and unwavering. 

I saw golden friendships being strengthened tonight.  Elizabeth & I went to the girl's lacrosse game tonight.  They beat a big rival by a pretty big margin.  Yea Rebels!!!  Onto the finals Sunday!  What was really fun was to sit with the friends who came to watch the girls play.  Such sweet girls, I love them!  At one point they all stood up and started doing cheers.  I had a big giggle.  We cheered the team on & were so happy for them.

Immediately after the girl's game we left and went to the boy's game.  The boys played a very tough game, but lost.  There were a bunch of Hop's friends there.  It was great to see.  They cheered loudly & after the game the opposing team (who was the home team) all left & we stayed taking pictures, chatting, and watching Abbey get hit in the face by Alex's lacrosse stick.  She had two big gashes on her face & one of the dad's, who is also a doctor,  glued her cuts.  Abbey may have a really big shiner on her right eye.  Alex must have hit her just right.  He felt so bad, but Abbey took it all in stride.  She just didn't want stitches because of the state finals the girl's lacrosse team has Sunday.  Now that is dedication to the team!

So this posting is to applaud friendship.  The kind of true friendship that looks out for your best interest and loves you enough to tell you the truth with love, even if it is something tough. 

I love you guys very much.  Always stay true to each other & show your love often!  There is nothing more important than standing by a friend.

Celebrating life & true friendships,


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