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 I know it seems like I put a lot of personal stuff on this blog, but you need to know that there is SO MUCH that I don't blog about.  (and don't ask me about it because I usually try to forget what ever it is immediately so I'm not tempted.) 

My marriage, children & friendships are too important to me to ruin them over a silly blog.  Now, if you want to make the blog...Anslee, Ryan, Alex, Allison, David, Hannah H., JoeJoe, Will O., Lauren, Hannah M., Daniel, Joe, Pete, Bates...I'm more than happy to put you on here.  I could use as many different topics that I can get since I'm almost half way there. :)  I love to blog about y'all, you make me smile.

...another group I love to blog about
We've had a great week so far.  Elizabeth was invited to join the pointe class at her dance studio for next year, and she scored well on her math placement test for 7th grade.  Hop's team won in the first round of the high school lacrosse tourney against a big rival.  Harry & Henry's lacrosse seasons ended, and both of them improved tremendously.  Everyone is doing well with their grades, and we're gearing up for the end of the year.  And then it's SUMMERTIME!  WooHoo...SO.Excited!  But I'll blog about that at a later date.

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