I think it's hereditary

Is weirdness hereditary?  I think it is.  I know I'm weird, and my children have been showing signs of it for years.  Big Hopson is not weird, he's a CPA, they aren't allowed to be weird.  I think it's in their bylaws or something.  One way I know this is that Hopson never makes funny faces when we do a crazy picture.  He always just smiles at the camera like he's saying:  "yes, I realize I'm surrounded by idiots".  He's been known to just shake his head at one of us when we start acting really crazy.

Some of my children are more prone to weirdness than others, and we have differing kinds of weirdness.  Hop's psych class watched one of my favorite movies:  'What About Bob'.  There are some great lines in that movie, and of course Hop has heard me cackle with laughter when we watched it, so in his class he laughed at the normal spots.  I love the Knock Knock joke.  Others in his class didn't think it was funny.  I think it's because they didn't understand the humor behind what was going on, or was it because we're just weird?  Could be a little of both. 

Harry is great at taking a conversation in a funny direction, and keeping a straight face.  Tonight at Henry's team party, a mom asked Harry if he was doing anything this weekend.  He said he had a dance recital.  She said, 'oh, are you one of those hip hop guys?'  Harry said 'No, I like ballet.'  I think he had her going for a bit, because that child can keep a straight face like no body's business.  He has a very cool head in that kind of situation.  He didn't lie about the dance recital, it just happens to be Elizabeth's.

Something hilarious happened to us last night, we got at least 30 minutes of straight laughter from it.  Hopson is out of town on business, and when he is out of town, we eat out.  WooHoo!  No cooking for mommy.  :)  I have been craving Genghis Grill.  If you have one in your town, you need to go, it's yummy in your tummy!  Any way, you get this little card and have to write your name on it, so once your food is cooked your waiter can bring it to you.  The first time we ever went to GG, Harry wrote down John Smith in his name box.  He told us that if they come to the table and ask for John Smith, it's Harry's bowl.  OK, if that what's floats your boat, go for it. 

Last night I asked Elizabeth & Henry what names we should be for our cards, Henry made the decision rather quickly.  We all went with names from Star Wars.  Yes, we like Star Wars, they are great clean movies you can watch with your children.  I'm really bumbed, I threw away the cards from last night.  :/  Sorry, but they were really funny.

Here are our names from last night:
Henry:  Yoda
Elizabeth:  Padmae
Harry:  Luke Skywalker
Hopson:  Darth Vader
Mom:  Obewan

What was so hilarious was that our waitress came out with Henry's box, we got it to go, and asked this lady if she was Yoda.  Before she asked her she did a double take of the card to make sure she was reading it correctly.  We were howling with laughter.  I guess that kind of gave us away, because she was giggling by the time she asked me if I was Yoda.  I just said that Yoda was with me.  They figured our quickly that if it was a character from the movie, it probably belonged to us.  It was great.  I can only imagine what the guys cooking our dinner thought about our cards.  I hope it made them laugh, laughter is good for you.

While we waited for the other bowls to be cooked, we saw one of the waiters dancing.  I promptly took a picture with my cell phone.  He was busting a move, and he made us smile.  One of the other waiters called him by name & told him we were taking pictures of him dancing.  He just smiled & said he loved to dance.  He had 'MJ' tattooed on his arm.  We all know MJ could dance!  He seemed like he might be a little weird too, but you know, I've found a little weirdness is a good thing.

Celebrating Life, literally, weirdness and all!



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