Mom, What Did I Tell You?!!

Well, today we had a flat.  It was totally not fun, and Harry yelled at me like I did it on purpose.  Have you ever had to drive 10 miles an hour?  It's really hard & people behind you do not like it. 

I had to pull a trailer to a shop when we left the lake this weekend.  I normally don't pull the trailer.  I can, but I don't really like to.

I was on the phone, trying to get some work done when we left the house.  (some people call that multi-tasking, I call it motherhood)  I was driving on a 2 lane road, which was narrow by the way, and ended up popping one of the trailer tires.  We had been on the road less than 5 minutes.  Great!  This was when Harry yelled at me.  I told him I didn't need his mouth & I didn't do it on purpose.  The only thing that would have made it worse is if I had been standing in an ant bed.  Luckily I wasn't.

We decided to ride to a gas station which was a few miles down the road, because I thought they could maybe help us, and Hopson had left my gas tank on empty.  Hey thanks for that.  We get there, and while I'm pumping gas some guy looks at me & says 'hey, did you know you had a flat tire?'  I almost had a really smart comeback, but decided to practice holding my tongue.  I gave him a helpless look & I said 'yes, we're trying to get it fixed.'  It was a no go at the gas station.  They told  us to go to a local marina b/c they had trailer tires. 

We are still going no faster than 10 miles an hour, because if I do, the tire starts to lap over itself.  It sounds horrible, and I have to ride the brakes the whole time.  My car idles at 10 miles an hour.  It was crazy.  We had been riding for about 30 minutes, and are maybe still 8-10 miles from the marina when  Harry says he thinks we're going the wrong way.  :(  Major bummer there, so we pull over so I can turn around.  I'm waiting for some cars to pass us so I can turn around, when a very nice man with 'Hick's Marine Service' on the back of his car stops. 

He gets out of his car with his son & asks if I need a hand.  That would be a HUGE yes!  He looks at the intact tire and tells me he has one.  I didn't care how much it was going to be, I just needed a new tire.  He told me not to go anywhere, that he'd be right back. 

About 20 minutes later, he shows up, tire on a new rim, jack, and a power drill.  He had that thing changed in about 3 minutes.  I asked him how much I owed him, you know what he told me?  Don't worry about it.  He said just bring him the tire back the next time we're close to the lake.  Really?  Wow, I didn't realize people still did that for people they didn't know.  Thank you Steve Hicks!  You helped a city girl get back on track, and not have to squash a 15 year old who was getting really frustrated with his mom.  :)

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