We Were Just Dumb Kids

A place to meet-up.

Just hanging out with friends.

Watching the guys cut their knuckles trying to pop the tops of the salt & pepper shakers.

We were just dumb kids looking for something to do. 

Oh yeah, I almost forgot...Walt is 0-2 at McDonald's.

The back entrance of McDonald's
A week ago I needed to meet a friend of mine from high school, Kim, to drive somewhere, and we were going to meet up at the local McDonald's.  This is where we would sometimes hang out in high school.  I was getting ready to pull into the back of the lot (they have a front and back entrance) when I looked up & noticed it was gone!  Like nothing but rubble gone.  It makes me a little sad.  There are memories in the rubble of that McDonald's.  I was getting ready to call Kim  when I noticed a text she sent laughing because the restaurant was gone.  (yes, you can laugh in a text message...LOL...)  It's amazing that I can live here, and not even notice when a restaurant has been completely demolished.  In my defense, I don't drive by it everyday, but still, I was very surprised that it was gone.

The view from the front.
Here they grow...again.
I know it seems a little silly, but it's going to be weird to drive by once they have the new building up.  I have memories from my childhood, teenage years & with my little chicks.  When all four were little this was the MickyD's we went to for their Happy Meals, and now it's gone.  :(   We don't eat at McDonald's very much, or anywhere for that matter.  Once the new building is up, I'll at least have to stop and get a diet Coke.  It is going to be fun to see it go up.  I wonder if it's going to look anything like the old one.

Remembering fun times spent at MickyD's with friends when we were just dumb kids.

Celebrating Life!


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