I am a HORRIBLE Mother

You know when you have those moments that you know you've totally botched something?  I had a major one today. 

Today was May Day Play Day for Henry.  His last one in elementary school.  Our very last one in elementary school.  His swan song.  We've been at this school 12 years straight.  It will be weird to not to go there at all next year; it has become a habit after so many years.  Time is marching on whether I like it or not. 

I had full intentions, and you know what they say about those, to make Hen a mack daddy lunch today for May Day Play Day.  You know when I remembered about his lunch?  1:15 today when I was delivering the snack for his class.  Yep, I'm a horrible mother.  I forgot my child's lunch...how sad is that?  I scared Harry while he was driving.  He asked me what was wrong & I told him I forgot Henry's lunch.  He said, 'oh that's all; you scared me to death'.  Sorry Harry!  You did a good job driving today by the way & thanks for diving me today.  I still miss my brain though, so if any of you see it laying around anywhere, please let me know, I would like it back.  I really need it asap.

Luckily for me, they made extra lunches in the lunchroom.  I apologized to that little wiggle Worm profusely.  I hope the Popsicles made up for it a little.  I brought fudgesicles and Marvel Hero bomb pops.  Hen said the fudgesicles were his favorite. (it's kind of funny, the fudgesicles were sugar free.)  Exams have started for the high school, and since Harry was willing to drive me around, I bought him what he wanted which was Arby's for lunch.  Since we were there for Harry's lunch, I picked up Henry a small sandwich to make up for my forgetfulness. 

We're down to our last week of school.  Whew.  Hopefully I won't be forgetting anything else, I need to be at the top of my game for the last week.  Lots of little things still happening. 

Henry forgave me for forgetting his lunch.  He is a very sweet little worm & he's my favorite 9 year old in the world.  It's a good thing for me, because today I feel like a horrible mother. :/

Celebrating Life & things remembered!


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