Watch What You Say...Watch What You Do

I love Face Book.  I think it can be wonderful.  It's a vehicle to post information and pictures of children.  It helps me to keep up with long time friends who have moved away, and I can keep up with the ones down the street who I don't see because we're on different schedules with our children.  When their children have a wonderful accomplishment, or they need prayers for sick family members, it's a wonderful way to get information out to the masses.  It's a an easy way for groups to learn things and collaborate on ideas; we use it in children's church to learn motions to songs or to learn an object lesson.  It lets me shoot my friends a quick note to say happy birthday or I love you.  But you know what...

Hopson's view of facebook!
...I hate Face Book.  There are just some things that you don't need to be posting.  Sometimes it's just TMI!  Too Much Information.  It is a great way for people who love to be COA become even more that way.  That's 'center of attention' for those of you who don't know.  Every word you write and every picture you post is out there for everyone to see.  Sometimes you can really see a person's true persona on Face Book.  It does not surprise me one bit that colleges, sororities/fraternities, and employers want unrestricted access to someones Face Book account.  What you write can misrepresent and damage an entire group much more than just a regular email.  Hopson HATES Face Book.  He said it's made a narcissistic generation trend even more in that direction.  He has a point.

I post things sometimes.  I have this blog set up to post when I publish a posting automatically to my Face Book page.  I love to post things that are encouraging to family & friends.  I will post on someones wall for their birthday or anniversary.  If they need prayers I'll leave a comment, or inbox them.  If there is something I passionately believe in, I may comment on that.  But I try, try being the key point here, not to use FB to stir the pot or post inappropriate things.  Sometimes silence or inboxing someone is golden!

For all you teenagers and teenagers at heart out there, watch what you say & watch what you do.  You will be found out, especially if you're posting all about it on Face Book. 

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