I Call Them Athletes

CeCe today at the recital.
It's funny how many people say that dancers are not athletes.  I disagree.  They are athletes.  It takes training to be a dancer.  Like all sports, there are dancers who possess a lot of natural talent & some who work so hard to achieve what they can do.  Dancers must have a phenomenally strong core, strong legs, and don't forget an element of grace.  It's fine if you can leap like a gazelle, but if your feet are flexed, knees bent, and have jacked up arms, then all you have is someone who can jump high.  Just like in sports, there can be injuries that can put a career on hold or even stop it completely. 

Last night at dress rehearsal our friend CeCe reinjured her foot.  (earlier in the year she cracked the growth plate of same said foot, ouch!)  When CeCe got home from dress rehearsal, her foot was swollen and she couldn't put any pressure on it.  After calling the orthopedist, they were told for her to stay completely off her foot, and to not dance today.  Do you know how hard that is?  This is the day the girls train for all year.  Today was, as CeCe's grandfather put it, 'The Girl's Championship Game'.  It's the one time you do whatever you have too to be able to dance.  You'll see girls with knee braces, ankle braces, taped broken toes, wrapped pulled muscles, and anything else that you need it to get you through your number.  The only things you can't dance on are broken legs/feet and torn muscles.  (I've torn 2 muscles, it is painful!)

One of Elizabeth's friend's is CeCe's sister, Sadie.  Last night as Sadie, Elizabeth, and all their other friends were waiting to go on stage to practice their dance, CeCe had just come off the stage upset because she knew she was injured, and she knew it was bad.  You know what those sweet girls did?  They prayed for CeCe; for her healing.  The girls love CeCe; it's kinda hard not to love her, because she is a great young lady.  All the D girls are pretty awesome:  CeCe, Sadie & MaeMae.  MaeMae is a hoot and a half; she calls Henry, Pablo.  I love it!  Those girls are nutty;  Sadie, I think EPN is eggs plank nude.  Ha!  It's an inside joke, sorry y'all!

I saw some great athletic feats today.  I saw one of Harry's friends to 15 turns in second; it was totally amazing.  I saw girls leaping across the stage; girls performing pirouettes.  I saw friends love and encourage each other.  I saw God being glorified in what these girls were doing on stage.  Thank you Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Angel & Ms. Stephanie!  It was a wonderful year of you encouraging our girls to push their limits.  We love you all & can't wait for next year!

Celebrating Life & the athletic beauty that is the dance,


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