Two for Friday and This is One

I told you last night that I'd have two postings today.  So here we go, posting number 1.

Last night I had a reception to go to and I needed to take an appetizer.  What to cook..what to cook.  The question is always what to cook.  Yesterday I was at the grocery store still asking myself the same thing.  It was horrible.  I didn't want to cook the same 'ole thing.  It gets boring you know.

Since I didn't have a picture of my cups I found this one.
Imagine the same cup with the BCD in it.  Yummy!

Well, I had an epiphany.  I made some homemade chimichangas earlier this week, and that is what gave me the idea to make something similar for the party.  My clan loves the buffalo chicken dip (BCD).  It has been the rage here the last few years.  You can't go to a party without it being served.  I thought it would be good because it's a little heavier and filling, but I didn't want to just drop a dish of it on the table with some chips; I wanted something different.  The only requirement I had was that it had to be pretty.  Momma always said presentation is everything. 

I thought I would make little cups to put the dip in. Could be good, the cup would act like the chip. Huh, ok, that's what I'm going with.

Now, when I normally make the dip, I poach my chicken and just shred it with my hands.  I couldn't do that for the cups.  I would so not be cool to bite into the BCD cup and have a wad of chicken sticking out of someones mouth, so I put my chicken in the food processor so it was very finely shredded.  It was perfect.  Add the other ingredients and then I was good to go.

For the cups I used won ton wrappers.  I sprayed 2 mini muffin pans with vegetable spray, so the wrappers wouldn't stick.  I folded the won tons into the cups and filled them with the dip.  I cooked them for 17 minutes at 350 degrees. 

The fam gave it two thumbs up.  A friend at the party said she had seen them called them Texas Firecrackers.  I like the name, it fits.  Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of them, and there weren't any left...sorry.  The picture you see is not my appetizer, but it looks similar, so that's why I posted it. 

Number one over and done.  :)

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