I'm Doing the App Thing

So, the whole weight loss thing has been going pretty well.  I started my diet the day I started this blog...on the day of the big 4-0, so I'm almost 5 months in.  I don't weigh myself, I'm very number sensitive, so I'm going by how my clothes fit.  Pretty pleased so far.  I haven't made it to stick thin, I don't think I'll ever be that skinny, but I can dream. 

I've done fad diets.  They work great as long as you stay on the diet, but as soon as you quit the diet, the weight usually comes back on.  So I've stopped doing the diet thing.  I'm doing the app thing.  It couldn't be easier.

The app is called 'My Fitness Pal'.  I love it, it's my bestest friend.  I can plug in how much I work out & how much I eat & it figures out everything for me.  It should be called dieting for dummies.  Now it has also been helping that I'm burning as many calories I take in 6 days a week.  (thank you Biggest Loser)  I will not be doing that forever, but I needed something to throw my body off it's regular routine.

Some of the great things about the app are: 
1.  It's free
2.  It has almost every food I've eaten in the database.
3.  It's easy to add new foods.
4.  It has a 'quick add calories only' tab for those times you don't have time to search for a food or enter something in the database.
5.  It shows you how much you will weigh if you continue eating the way you are that day.

It's just a great app.  Unfortunately, the only thing it won't do is work out for me, or scream at me to get my lazy fanny up and get my heart pumping.  I'm not going to complain though, doing the app thing is so much easier than doing the diet thing!

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