I Want to Be King

I've said in quite a few of my postings that spring is always breathtakingly busy.  We're now in the home stretch & summer is right around the corner!  Yea!!!  One thing that was fun last month was NHS tapping for Hop.  It really was an accomplishment of all his years of hard work in school.  Well, a few weeks ago was voting for officers of said honor society.  Now, I'll admit, I have a habit of encouraging my children to run for offices in clubs, honor societies, and SGA.  They tune me out most of the time...I'm used to it.  I am a classic overachiever who loves to have way too many things on my plate.  I'm trying to be better, but this blog is a classic example. 

Well, Hop took my advice and ran for President of NHS.  I was a little surprised...shocked...happy that he was going to run for something, but I was floored when he told me he was running for President.  I said to him, to steal a phrase from Nike, 'Just Do It'.  I wasn't really super happy, just a little.  :)  (heaven forbid I get excited about anything the teenagers do. :/)  He ended up winning.  I am excited for him.  All the kids who are officers are great, and I know they will all work well together.  I need to give a big shoutout to my scooter riding friend, Daniel!  How's the Barbie scooter treating you?  The officers had their first meeting this morning.  I haven't had a chance to ask Hopper about it yet, he's still at football practice.

To be funny, once Hop told me he won the runoff, I bought him a crown & wrote NHS Prez on it.  I told him he needed to start the first meeting by telling everyone that they would now address him as 'El Presidente' & that he was 'King of the Nerds'.  Yes, I know I'm weird, and Hop didn't think it was funny.  (I was an NHS wannabe, and I thought it was very funny.)  He didn't do it...killjoy!  I need to tell you that being called a nerd around our home is a compliment.  It's the fam's way of us letting you know you knocked it out of the park on a test, paper, or your overall grades.  Nerds get scholarships!  Yea for scholarships!!!  (now being a dork on the hand is bad, and yes, there is a big difference!  That's another post for another time.)

The crown was sitting on our kitchen table for at least a week.  I was about to start calling out Henry's spelling words one day for his practice test when I come into the kitchen and hear Elizabeth & Henry arguing over the crown saying:  "I want to be King of the Nerds!  It's my turn to be King."  I howled with laughter.  My dream for all my children is that they are successful and confident in school:  no matter what that looks like.  For a child that struggles, a B is an incredible grade; we just want our children to do their own personal best.  That Elizabeth & Henry want to be like Hop makes me smile.  He's a good big brother & has set a good example for his siblings: nerdy being only part of it.  Harry's not too shabby either...I love you Harry!  And Elizabeth, and Henry!  Proud of you little chicks in everything you do!

Celebrating Life & being the King!


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