Today Is About the Haves

The Fam:  Mother's Day 2012
My Biggest Blessings call me Mom.
On days like today I like to focus on my haves.  I need to focus on my haves.  It could be easy for me to just focus on what I've lost; I've been known to throw myself a little (or rather large) pitty party.  So for Mother's Day, I'm going to tell you what I have.  And I'm going to tell you with a smile on my face.  :)  These are also in no particular order, I'm just typing here...

1.  I have a wonderful husband and four beautiful and healthy children.  I'm quickly becoming the shortest one in the fam. :/  I don't know when I gave permission for these people to grow up, but they're not listening to me when I tell them to stop.  They're a great fam!  The biggest thing I worry about is everyone not trashing my house, and putting up their clean clothes.  You know what, in the grand scheme things, that's nothing.  Now it's better for my sanity if they would go on and hang them up, but I'm trying to put some perspective out there.  I've been thinking about all the moms who have lost children this year, and it breaks my heart.

2.  I am healthy.  I noticed that I'm on the cusp of the age where people start getting sick.  In the last few years we've had several families lose a parent that was close to my age.  It's not fun having your mortality thrown in your face.  It's one of my biggest wishes to be thin, like model thin. I'm still a little on the chunky side, but at least I'm not a rail because I'm dying.  Again...perspective.

3.  Friends.  I have wonderful friends.  I admit like being a hermit, and being in my house.  I'm not a person that could sleep all day, but I love to be at home, and I get great satisfaction from being here.  But it gets lonely being by yourself.  We need people to share our lives with, besides our spouses and children.  I don't trust people very easily & once my trust is lost, it's very hard to get it back.  The friends I have are loyal and true, and I'd do anything for them they needed me too, and I know I could call on them.  They share my joys and my sorrows.  Precious is what they are.

4.  A crazy group of in-laws.  This is the good kind of crazy, not the bad kind.  :)  Pop & GiGi, my father & mother-in-law are very active & have a social schedule to rival the high school kids.  Hopson's brothers and their families are fun to be around.  There are 9 grandchildren & when we all get together something funny is going to happen.  My brother & his wife are the crazy uncle & aunt, we all know Leah is crazy, she loves cats.  (we're dog people)  One of my favorite bumper stickers of all time says:  "so many cats, so few recipes".  HaHa.  Leah that was a joke; you have a wonderful caring heart, and we love you for it.

5. No glasses. I know this one sounds a little weird. But I am grateful for good eyesight. My vision is still 20/20, yea! We'll talk next year, but for today the peepers are functioning properly.

There are many other things I'm thankful for:  my faith in Jesus that has gotten me through many trials and tribulations in my life; an opportunity to serve with a great group of teenagers at church; being able to focus on being a mom, it's amazing and joyful and hard work and scary and non-stop  all at the same time, but it's great none the less.  I am thankful for sleep.  I was able to take a great nap today.  I've been so sleep deprived lately that I'll fall asleep while I'm typing a posting.  I know it's pathetic, but it happens more often than not.  And now it's time for Mother's Day to come to a close, I'm ready for sleep.  :)

It's been a great Mother's Day.  I hope all you mothers have had a Happy Mother's Day too! 

Celebrating Life!


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