Wow, That Is a Big Pile of Clothes!

Elizabeth & friends in
their ballet costumes

So, the boys are completely finished with lacrosse, and we are 1/2 way finished  with Elizabeth's dance.  Tonight was...duhn duhn duhn...dress rehearsal.  That great fun time when all the girls have a run through or two on stage.  There is actually a lot that goes into dress rehearsal:  music, lights, dance order.  Timing is everything.  Last year we had 2 numbers to change from one costume to another with a major hair change too.  That's called a 'quick change', and we always pray that we don't have too many.  You think that 6 minutes is a lot of time, but when you are changing tights, costume, dance shoes, and hair you need more than that.  It was craazzyy.  This year is much better, no quick changes.  Whew!

Because dress rehearsal is a little more laid back than the actual recital, you will find costumes and bags with all the other dance gear everywhere.  It is crazy.  Sometimes the girls have to start just digging through stuff to find whatever they are looking for.  The pile you see belongs to several girls from a few families.  Too funny!  Tomorrow night we'll be sharing whatever someone need that they have left at home:  bobby pins, hair brushes, safety pins, needle and thread, scissors, ponytail holders, hair spray, rollers, lipstick, etc.  It's organized chaos when the girls are getting ready for their next dance, but wow I love it. 

I know my stuff is in
here somewhere!
I loved dancing growing up & I loved to be on stage.  Elizabeth is such a ham & I was very proud of her tonight.  She loves dancing because she dances with her best friends.  And, just in case you're wondering, it does make a difference.  (or at least it does for my child.)  I can't wait to see how they do tomorrow, because they did so well tonight.  They are sweet girls and cheer for each other.  Love it!

Oh well, I'm sleepy, and I have a busy weekend!  Tomorrow is the real deal. Dance pretty girls & know your families are so proud of you!

Celebrating Life & shaking what your momma gave you!


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