Are They Really Children?

School has been out less than a week, and I'm wondering if I'm raising children or a swarm of locusts.  Wow, they eat a lot, and since everyone is swimming this summer, they eat constantly.  (I couldn't believe it when the older two said they would swim!  They are doing it to get in shape for their other sports.)

Thankfully all the children can cook some things for themselves.  (the big boys can cook anything they want by themselves, but the younger two need a little guidance.)  One of our staples in the summer is tuna with dill relish and a little mayo.  We usually have to fix 2 of the big cans and someone is scrapping the bottom of the bowl trying to get the last little bit. 

I feel like I'm either trying to keep the house stocked with food, cooking for, or cleaning up after a meal.  Crazy.  Joe was here earlier today and was upset because we are out of candy.  Sorry Joe!  I'll get you some soon.

Tonight we're having a meal I haven't cooked in at least 10 years.  I just had the taste of it in my head.  Have you ever had that when you just have to have something?  Tonight it's lemon chicken with thyme.  Very yummy & easy to make.  Last night we had baked cab chicken.  It's something I made up & ended up being pretty as well as good.

One new thing we have been introduced to is Quinoa.  Pronounced keen-wa.  Oh my, you have to have some if  you've never tried it.  It's simple to make and has the consistency of grits or couscous.  It's very high in protein for a carb, and we love it.  I cooked mine in water, a little olive oil, and minced garlic.  Once it was cooked I added green onions and tomatoes.  It looked pretty on the plate with the cab chicken and a green salad.

It's time to check on progress of dinner, I hope we have a little leftover, because I want the locusts, I mean children, to help play clean out the fridge tomorrow.

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