'Scuse Me, What Are You Wearing?

I don't know if I've said it on this blog or not, but I threw up everyday for all four of my pregnancies.  Yes, it was horrible; yes, I know what caused it; and no, I wouldn't trade a single day of it.  (I have four happy & healthy children, and I can throw up like a champ.)  It's kind of an accomplishment.  I mean, think about it...three and half years of throwing up is impressive, you know?  While I was pregnant I became very sensitive to smells, especially perfumes.  I loved wearing perfume in high school & college; it just made me feel pretty.  I became pregnant & boom, perfume would send me running for a toilet, sink, garbage can, parking lot, bush, or any where I could throw my brains up.  Yes, I did throw up all those different places when I was pregnant.  Lovely thought huh?

Well, it's been almost 10 years since Henry was born, so I've decided to give perfume another go.  I decided to try it again after I found a little travel bottle in my car.  I had just finished working out & I was sweaty and stinky.  I was digging in my console & found a little bottle of Clinque's Happy.  I was going to run errands, and to keep everyone from barfing as I walked by I thought I would give myself a little squirt on my neck.  I liked it & there was no instant aversion like all those times when I was pregnant.  So, I'm giving it another go after 17 years.

I've tried almost all my old favorite perfumes, and it's so far so good except for yesterday....  I was in a store & I think someone mixed up bug spray with perfume.  Oh my it was bad.  I had to leave the area so I didn't go running for something where I could throw up.  I hope when I'm old, well much older than I am now, and my perfume smells like bug spray some sweet little girl or boy will come up to me and say:  "'scuse me 'mam, what are you wearing?"  That phrase can be my cue that I need to go home, shower, and change my perfume because I stink!  Hopefully my sniffer will be good for a long time so that won't ever happen, but it's best to be prepared.  I haven't had any problems yet, but I can't ask big Hopson if my perfume stinks, he can't smell anything anyway.  :/  Oh well, I smell good to myself & hopefully those around me won't think I've bathed in bug spray.

Here's to smelling and feeling pretty & Celebrating Life!


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