Needing a Locker & Other Thoughts

Allison, Lauren, Will D. & Hop waiting to pick out a locker
Today started the school registration process for the fam.  Today is high school, tomorrow middle school & Thursday will be 4th grade registration.  Lots of paperwork, lots of fees, but all for a great education.  What will their schedules be; which teachers will they have; will there be anyone they know in their classes?  For any school age child, these are huge questions.  Who wants to be in a class with no friends?  I remember those classes.  Even if you have a great teacher, having no friends makes for a long year.  We've had a few years like this.  So far, so good.

Decisions, Decisions
The good thing about high school is that you know what classes you are going to have, especially if your a senior.  The only thing that is up in the air is the teachers.  Hop has great teachers this year.  He has my pre-cal teacher for AP Cal, and his science teacher's daughter had a crush on my little brother in high school.  Harry has my health teacher & his driver's ed teacher taught me 9th grade history.   My poor children can't get away with anything. 

The big thing for these kiddos is getting a locker with your friends.  Because of football, Hop has never been able to pick-out his own locker.  This year, much to my relief, he was able to.  There was always so much pressure to get it with friend and in the right place.  I also work registration each year because, first:  it's an easy way to serve the PTO and the school; second:  it's fun to see everyone and their parents; and third:  my children get to register early.  Harry has been able to register before any other rising sophomore except one.  Can you say...upper locker...right where he wants it?  Being the younger brother has it advantages.  :)

Harry having his pick of the field.
For the Hopper, it's my final registration for him while he is living under our roof.  The next registration he has, he will do it himself.  Every mom there kept saying what every parent says of an upcoming senior:  "I can't believe we are seniors.  The time has flown."  It has flown, too quickly. 

I know this year, and all the years from here on out, are going to pass in a flash.  The whole 'life is a mist' thing is really hitting home.  I have a senior.  What?  Who said that?  Who let that happen? 

Hop, Lauren & Allison

I had fun working registration today.  I was able to hang out with Lauren's mom, Lyn.  We had a great time!  We talked, laughed, and solved all the world's problems.  We were able to see all the seniors, help a few people, and hopefully help generate some money for the PTO.  Thanks Debra (Allison's mom) for letting us work!  We are trying to get on the registration list for next year.  It's just doesn't feel like school to me if I don't get to help.  :)

Well, the Olympics are in full swing & and I think we're up for a big gold medal in the men's relay...I gotta go, history is being made.

Hop is 799 & his friend are all
up & down the row!  Shwing!

Oh yeah, tomorrow is Hoppy's birthday!  He's going to be 18.... 

Celebrating Life & my children getting a little older!


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