We Have Confirmation...I'm Officially...

Weird.  I hope you weren't hoping I would say pregnant, because that's just mean.  To paraphrase Bill Cosby:  "I have four children, and the reason I have four children is because I do not want five."  I love my kids, I think they're awesome, but I don't know if I could take being pregnant again.  Nine months of throwing up is not my idea of a fabulous garden party.  Anyway, back to the weirdness. 

I love funny signs.  :)
I think this is something we've always known, but I'm afraid it's getting worse the older I get.  How much longer until the fam says:  'well, we tried to reign her in and make her act right, but she's just too far gone.  Now go with the nice man in the white coat momma.'.  I have a feeling that I'm passing it on to my children.  They will say and do stuff that is just crazy.  With a lot of it, I'll try not to laugh, but just can't help it.  The rest of the fam will get tickled too & then it sounds like we have a pack of hyenas living in the house or the car.  I have to say, I love those moments.

My car is one of my favorite places to be weird.  It's a safe place to be weird:  it's confined; the only people who can hear you are the ones in the car with you; it helps to pass the time, and you can't get too crazy because if you're driving you might swerve off the road.  You know how when you pass someone on the road and you look over and they are singing with a song on the radio and/or playing the steering wheel guitar/drums?  We tend to do that, a lot.  And if  you're going to sing, you might as well sing loudly.  (notice I didn't mention if we sang well...)  We love it if there are motions to the songs, because it's a must that we do them.  (like the theme song from our church's Summer Blast aka VBS.)   Last Sunday we caught some friends waving to random drivers on the road.  I won't name any names:  Hannah, Chandler & Woodson.  We thought it was great!

I wonder if weird families are happier?  I wonder if their relationships are stronger.  It has to be important to laugh at yourself, right?  I mean, this blog is all about my weird life and family.  I know it makes me feel better to blog about stuff, even the weird stuff.  I guess how it affects a family just depends on how weird you really are.  But, you can now consider yourselves officially warned, I'm weird!

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