Celebrate! Part I ~ Celebrate More Birthdays

Relay for Life  Celebrate More Birthdays

Courtney, Samantha, Caroline,
Scarlett, Elizabeth, Wynne & Ellen
This is going to be a two part posting, because today is Relay for Life in my town.  Relay is a great fundraiser for The American Cancer Society, and they happen this time of year all over the United States.  For so many families, Relay is personal.  You know what I have realized in my 40 years of life?  You tend to fight harder when it's personal.  When it comes to cancer you have to bring your A game.

Team Scarlett & her friends

Tonight I want to focus on Elizabeth and her friend Scarlett.  The theme for Relay this year is 'Celebrate More Birthdays'.  For Scarlett the theme is part of who she is, because Scarlett is a five year survivor of Leukemia.  It's even more special today because it's her 13th birthday.  It is a great day to celebrate life.  I remember when Scarlett was diagnosed.  I remember her going through chemo.  I remember when she lost her hair.  (I cried for days when she lost her hair & saw the pictures of her in her wig.  She wanted a long haired flaming RED wig.  She was so precious, but for a mommy it was gut wrenching.)  I remember when we found out she was cancer free.  It affected Elizabeth and me.  Because of Scarlett, Elizabeth started growing her hair out for Locks for Love.  It was an easy way for her to help other children like her friend.  Every time we mail  her hair off we think of Scarlett and smile.  Elizabeth hopes her hair will bring comfort to some child who is going through a hard time.

Tonight, all the girls went to Relay because Courtney's sweet sister, Brooke, named her Relay team in honor of Scarlett.  Go Team Scarlett!!!  After all the little girls left Relay, Lana (Scarlett's mom) has planned a surprise party for Scarlett. Elizabeth is there now & I know they are having a wild time.  It's always wild when you get a bunch of 6th graders together!  It's a sweet group of girls who love each other, love Scarlett, and love the fact that she has been cancer free for 5 years!  It's a great day to Celebrate More Birthdays!!!

Celebrating Life!
Scarlett holding her cupcake



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