Life Changing Moments

There's no picture today & this posting is on the serious side  Earlier this year I posted how life could change in a moment.  How we were reminded of that today.  We had two lacrosse games out of town, and the fields were about one and a half hours from our hometown.  No big deal right?  Normally yes, but not today.

Today we encountered something horrible.  It reminded me of how quickly life can change.  Traffic had started backing up, so of course we're thinking there was an accident in front of us.  I just thought of what a hassle it was at first, but then my line of thinking changed.  As we came upon the wreck, I realiezed it was much worse than I had originally thought.  It looked to be a one car accident.  The car had flipped, burned, and there was a young woman laying in the middle lane not moving.  We later found out that there was someone else in the car and at least one person was life flighted to the hospital.

I can't tell you how much my heart hurt.  That was someone's little girl laying in the middle of the road.  Hopson made the comment that it was at times like this that he wished he had some kind of medical training so he could help out.  That makes two of us.  We still don't know what happened or how the people in the car are.  All I know is that all day I have been thinking about them, praying for them, and praying for their families.

Tomorrow is Easter & it's the day we celebrate the Risen Savior, His victory over death, and the payment of all sins.  I hope you all have a very blessed Easter.  Hug your fam a little closer tonight.

Celebrating Life!


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