Where am I Going to Park?

Our high school is getting ready to make the school bigger by adding another academic wing...again.  It feels like they just finished with the construction of H wing last year.  You know what adding on means?  Yea, limited parking for students!  (that is meant to be said uber sarcastically)  Seniors are guaranteed a parking spot, all 451 of them, and only 75 of the juniors will get a spot.  About half of the seniors will be parking in the 'junior lot' and the lucky half will be in the 'senior lot'.  There haven't been enough spots for sophomores to park once they turn 16 anyway, so it doesn't affect them at all.  But, ouch, that hurts if you're a junior parent, and you were counting your child driving themselves to and from school.  It's every 17 year old's dream to be dropped off at school by mommy.  NOT!

We live 1/4 mile from the school.  When mine are freshmen and sophomores, they walk to school.  (I don't make them walk the hill, there's a cut-through that is cake to walk.)  I figured it gives my children a story they can tell my grandchildren about how I made them walk to school when they were growing up.  Hopson could have had a parking place this year, but he didn't want to spend the money to enter the junior lottery.  (yes, there is always a possibility that all the juniors won't get a spot.)  He said he would just walk to school.  Harry was not too happy, he always wants me to drive them to school. :/  I have a feeling we may have some juniors who want to park at our house next  year & maybe catch a ride with Hop.  They can look like clowns getting out of the car at the circus.  HaHa!!!

Ariel view of the high school & the parking lots
The parking lottery was today at 3:30.  They didn't post the results online because they can't put the student's names online.  So, Elizabeth & I hopped in the car, I know it's rather pathetic that we didn't walk, to go see where Hop would be parking next year.  I have to say, I was a little nervous.  Then I ran into some rather peeved junior moms & was getting truly nervous.  I don't know why, he had a guaranteed spot, but would it be lower or upper?  Upper or lower?  Please let it be lower.  My poor baby has football after school until late during the first four months of school, and the less he has to walk the better.  FTL he came home with major scratches on his neck from spring training yesterday.  Between that & lacrosse, he's going to be black and blue.  (sorry, writers ADD.)

It's listed by last name first, so E & I scroll down & find Hop's name and...yes, he has a lower spot!!!  Yea!!!  Don't ask me the number, because did I write it down, nope.  (Chalk it up to me having a senior moment...get it he's going to be a senior & I'm getting older.  Yeah, I know, it's punny.)  I have no idea where the spot is, I just know it's lower.  His friends, David, Will, Hannah, Ryan & Alex, Anslee, Allison and Mary Morgan all have lower spots.  Don't know if they're close to Hop, but they are lower, and lower is good.

Hoppy is at football right now, so he has no idea where his spot will be, but I do know this, I will have his form & check ready to be turned in TOMORROW.  The sooner I can get this checked off my list the better & you know I've written it down on my list.  ;)

I guess Hop's senior year has sort of started.  The first of the lasts...and I'm going to cherish & celebrate every single one of them!

Celebrating life & a spot in the lower lot!!!


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