Nothing Like It on Earth

It's that time of year again when gardenias have started blooming.  It makes me happy.  So.Happy.  I think I could shove the flower up my nose so I could smell them all day long. I've tried to find candles and perfume that smells like a gardenia, but there is nothing out there that comes even close...just nothing like it on earth.

Gardenias remind me of my parents.  Momma & Daddy loved them.  It was their flower.  When my parents were transferred back to my hometown after being in Atlanta for 11 months, daddy dug up the gardenia bush he bought mom and brought it to the new house.  It almost died, but he worked very hard to keep it from dying.  We still have the bush in the backyard, and it has become huge.  Hopson has taken over the care of it...for me.  Hopson also bought me another gardenia bush to plant for us.  He's such a keeper.  When daddy died we had gardenias at his funeral.  It smelled great.  Mom passed away in December, and we couldn't fly them in from anywhere to have them at the funeral, and I was a little sad about it.  But, it's just a flower, so I got over it. 

I will be loving the next few weeks and having my home smell like gardenias as I remember my momma & daddy.

Celebrating Life!


  1. They are my favorites, too! I have two bushes outside my front door and they are just FULL of blooms this year! I'm so thrilled!


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