The Mommy Memo

Hold on just a sec...Big Hopson is sick & needs some Advil.  I'll be back...

...Ok, I'm back.  It's pretty funny when the men get sick at my house.  They can become quite needy.  Just in case all you moms out there didn't know, there is an official memo against you getting sick.  I have had to refer back to it multiple times since becoming a mom.  This is just a copy, the original is much prettier.  Us moms have to be well at all times...

...there is no going to bed when we're a little sick.  (I'll cry uncle for the flu & throw-ups, but that's about it.)  For my fam I'm the keeper of the schedule, finder of lost things, head chef, and head dishwasher.  I've seen what happens if I try to get sick & it's not pretty.  I just follow what the memo says and take two Advil & try my hardest to work through it.  It's a similar situation and can be equated to when our children get hurt playing football/baseball/lacrosse/soccer & we tell them to rub some dirt on the hurt, and magically it all feels better. (or you can use a mommy kiss, band aid, or ice pack, it's all the same.)  Things don't stop just because I want them to.

Well, it's another crazy Monday in the bag.  Mondays are our wild and woolly days, but then again, we're full tilt into spring time activities & it's crazy almost everyday.  The last two weeks have been breathtakingly busy, but it's all good.  I just try to enjoy the ride, because it won't last forever!

Celebrating Life & not being sick!


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