Knowing My Place...

...and being fine with it.  I first need to give a shout out to Harry, Joe & Pete.  Joe & Pete are some of Harry's friends who are spending the night tonight & they read the blog & wanted a shout out, so there you go guys.  Joe, watch out for any tongues on your cheek tonight while you sleep.  ;)  Just fyi, tonight I mentioned to the boys that something was 'tongue in cheek' and Joe said he was going to sleep with one eye open if someone was going to tongue his cheek.  I guess I need to work on my pronunciation, or either I need to get some serious sleep.

Anyway, today was a very full day.  I spent most of the day doing tuxes, but I was privileged to be able to speak at one of the school's in our area's Communication Celebration.  I was so not the coolest speaker there, and I'm so ok with it.  I knew my roll and went with it.  There was a FBI agent, a pilot with a computer flight simulator, the people with Hand in Paw, TV & Radio producers, and many others.  Like I said, I was so not the cool person, but I did have suckers to give all the kiddos, so maybe I moved up a few notches.

I spoke about blogging to three different classes:  Ms. Darnell, Ms. Grammas & Ms. Ray's class, and also hung out with Ms. Pate's class for a little while during their lunch.  During the sessions I talked about knowing how to take the thoughts that are in your brain & put them in a way so the reader can insert themselves into your story.  I talked about editing.  We may be from the south, but we are not trash.  Writing like this is something that has taken me years to learn how to do. 

All three classes asked great questions and when I asked them to participate they didn't hesitate to answer.  It was a great experience!  Thanks kids for listening to an old lady talk about blogging.  I always enjoy getting up & talking about things in front of kids. 

Frau Rodgers, the German teacher from our middle school, gave the children bookmarks with different phrases in German.  Some were totally hilarious.  There is one that is just too good not to share.  I got a great laugh from it!

Thanks for having me today to come and speak, it was fun!!!  Y'all have a great night, I feel myself turning into a pumpkin & my pillow is calling my name!

Celebrating Life,


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