Wide Open Spaces

Molly & Hop
Do you remember being 17?  The sky was the limit & if you could dream it you could achieve it.  I love to see Hop & his friends and know that they have their entire lives ahead of them.  It's like riding at a full gallop in wide open spaces.  You feel like you could fly.  (If you've never ridden a horse at a full gallop, I highly recommend it!)

Tonight is a major milestone for Hop & his friends:  Junior prom.  Y'all know how much I love his friends.  They are really a special group of kiddos; I see so much potential in them, and I fully expect them to change the world.

Hopson asked his friend Molly.  I love her dress; it looks like Monet painted it.  Her hair was so pretty.  Elizabeth & I loved looking at every one's hair tonight & we both agree that hers was our fave!  I know they will have a wonderful time together tonight.  Molly & Hopson have similar personalities.  She is kind, smart, and contemplative.  She has wonderful manners & is sweet to little brothers and sisters.  Molly & Hop were both tapped for NHS earlier this week, and they both play lacrosse.  It's funny to see all the girls and boys on the field or in the yard throwing the lacrosse ball back and forth.  They like to go to each other's games to cheer for their friends.  They make me smile!

As Hop & Molly were leaving Molly's dad told her she could take Hopson's arm, that he wouldn't break it.  It made me laugh, because I know that's how Big Hopson will be when Elizabeth goes to prom.  He already has the application for dating my daughter, and it would not surprise me one bit for him to make any of Elizabeth's dates fill it out.  Luckily for Hop, Molly's dad is not that crazy.  It has to be hard to let a guy take out your little girl.  I know Hopson will respect and take care of Molly tonight.  She's a princess of the King of Kings & deserves to be treated like one.

I can't wait to hear how the night goes.  Right now, at 10:15, they should be at the prom hopefully dancing & making wonderful memories.  If this night is anything like the pictures I took earlier tonight, they should have a great night. 

I can't believe Hop is old enough to go to Prom.  When he was little, before any other siblings were born, he was my little buddy.  His first sentence was 'read more mommy'.  I still see that precious little boy in the man that I now see everyday.  It sometimes makes me sad that he's growing up so quickly.  I don't think I'm ready to start letting go, but I know that he has to spread his wings and fly.  So Hop...fly!  I know you can do anything you set your mind to.  I know you are wonderful.  I love you sweetheart & feel so blessed to be your mom.  Thanks for a great 17 years.  I can't wait to see what the next 17 has in store.  You have been blessed with wonderful people who's friendship is golden.  Don't ever take that friendship for granted.  Y'all run in your wide open spaces!

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  1. They are going to have so much fun. Hopson and everyone looks fabulous.


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