Lost, It's Just Lost

Lots of beautiful girls & lots of boys just waiting to lose something.

The ingredients:  teenage boys and tuxes with many different parts.  (shirt, jacket, pants, shoes, vest/cummerbund, tie, buttons, and cuff links)  Do you know what you get when you combine teenage boys and said parts?  Lost things.

I took on a contracting job this spring renting tuxes for prom.  I wanted a way to save a little money & thought other moms would want too as well.  When I gave my little spiel to all the guys I tried to reinforce the part on the contract that talked about losing any of the parts of their rental.  If you lose any part, you pay to have it replaced, and the replacement prices are expensive

Hop came home with all his pieces but one.  There was a missing cuff link.  Really?  A cuff link?  Hop, how in the Sam Hill did you lose your cuff link?  He said he had a bug bite on his arm and when he went to scratch it the cuff link may have fallen off his sleeve.  He called the restaurant to see if they picked it up.  Nope, no cuff link.  He called David to see if it had fallen off in the car.  No such luck.  So I was gearing up to pay a small fortune to replace the thing until today I received a call from David's mom, Cathy & come to find out, Barry (David's dad) found it in the car after all.  Whew, one small crisis averted.

It was nice to know my child was not the only one who  misplaced part of his tux.  Hopson's friend Anderson found out today when he went to return his tux that he had the wrong jacket.  The funny thing is, he didn't remember trading or picking up the wrong jacket.  (the boutiner was different on his jacket than the one he ended up with.)  For some reason that just tickles my funny bone.  Teenage boys, what are you going to do with them?

The emails Linda, Anderson's mom, sent me, made me howl with laughter.  She said her husband told her that he "is still looking for the jacket he lost at prom in 1977."  Oh my goodness, that's a long time to be looking for a dinner jacket.  Then she wrote:  'They never change.'  And it's true, they don't ever change.  So, we just love them anyway & help them find what is lost.

Celebrating Life & finding lost things!


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