She's Totally Busted!

Ashley & Hannah
Hannah, I borrowed this picture.
All I have to say is:  watch who you "borrow" a paper from...because you might get busted!

As you know, our high school's dance team recently competed at the NDA National Competition.  My friend & walking partner, Ashley, has a daughter on the squad.  They placed 4th in their lyrical dance.  That's 4th in the Nation!  WooHoo!  (It was a phenomenal dance; some of the girls did 10 turns in second.  If you're a dancer you know how hard that is.  I'm so proud of these girls!)   Ashley was in charge of getting the story to the two different newspapers in our area.

In the big newspaper the editors decided to change the copy.  I really don't think that's too kosher, especially since they didn't have a child competing, but they could have had the manners to call Ashley about it.  Because of this, when the smaller paper came out, Ashley naturally wanted to check and make sure everything was printed as written.  The smaller paper delivers every other week, and not everyone receives their papers on the same day.  Ashley and I both get ours on Thursday, but where we walked today, a lot of the homes had theirs laying in the driveway..., Ashley borrowed one.  She just wanted to check the picture and copy, and then we were going to fold it exactly like it was in the sleeve & put it back on her driveway.  No one would be the wiser. 

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So, we have our heads together, searching frantically through the paper.  We look up and then see the home owner pulling down her driveway in her car.  OMG, really?!?!  I felt like a deer caught in head lights.  Ashley couldn't believe it & was just a little embarrassed.  We were both laughing.  What else are we going to do?  Throw the paper down & run? (I don't run, and if you ever see me running, call the police, because someone is chasing me!) We put the paper somewhat back together & apologized profusely about going through it.  We told her ours didn't come until Thursday & that Ashley wanted to see the article about Hannah & the dance team.

The homeowner had a good laugh at our expense & offered to let Ashley keep the paper.  We both in turn had a great laugh & know that we will have to be careful the next time we borrow someone's paper & make sure it's someone we know isn't home.  ;)

Celebrating Life & being able to laugh at myself!


  1. It really happened, and yes, I was really embarrassed! Great laugh>>>


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