I'm Lovin' the Gag

Ok, so, I love to give gag gifts.  Especially when I have to try to keep a straight face while I give it, because I have a hard time not dying out laughing.  If I give a gag, we follow it up with the real gift, but we've given some good gag gifts in the past.

I know you'll find this surprising that Ashley & I came up with this gag gift idea on one of our walks.  We could probably solve some of the world's issues on our walks.  We have a couple of hours...it's possible.  It all started when she was telling me how it's Hannah's boyfriend's birthday.  His name is Daniel.  Daniel has a great sense of humor.  It's a little goofy, which I love, so while Ashley tells me funny stories of what Hannah & Daniel do, I'm about to bust a gut while trying to keep up with her. 

During prom, Ashley's youngest, Woodson, brought his scooter to have something to do while all the moms took umpteen thousand pictures of everyone.  They went to a local college to take pictures.  (they have a huge beautiful front lawn)  After a while Woodson had someone to play and throw the football with, so he "abandoned" his scooter.  Well, guess who found it?  That's right, Daniel.  Ashley said she looked over & there was Daniel in his tux, scooting around on Woodson's scooter.  She said it was hilarious, even though Daniel's dad couldn't believe his eyes.  Ashley laughed and said it was, but she wasn't laughing quite so hard when Hannah started to climb on too.  She put the kibosh on that rather quickly.  That made me laugh.

So, back to Daniel's birthday.  What Daniel said he really wanted was a scooter.  O.K....You're 17 and you want a scooter.  I guess it's better than a dirt bike, which is what Harry has been wanting, but I digress.  Remember how I've had the nesting bug pretty badly, well, it just happens that I was going to be giving Elizabeth's Barbie scooter to Goodwill.  I asked Ashley if she wanted to give it to Daniel as a joke.  She thought it was a spectacular idea.  We laughed just imagining him on it.  Daniel is pretty tall.  

Ashley came & got the scooter, cleaned it and wrapped it up.  (as well as you can wrap a little scooter) I told Ashley she better take pictures.  (366 days here & I need something different to write about.)  In between lax games tonight Ashley texted me pictures from the party & I busted out laughing!  Oh my I love gag gifts!!!  Ashley said the scooter was a big hit, and that Daniel started riding it inside on the hardwood floors.  How could it not be a hit; it's a Barbie scooter, duh.

Gag gifts are the best especially if the receiver has the same sick sense of humor as the giver.  Thanks Daniel for making two old ladies laugh!  You made our day.  :)

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