It Happened on the Way...

As a crazy, in a good way, mother of four, I live in my car.  Most moms I know live in their cars until their youngest children have their own driver's license.  Since Henry is only 9, I have a few years until this happens. 

There is a mom here in town who had a tag on the front of her car that said 'NATZ'.  I asked her one day what natz was.  (I pronounced it as gnats.)  She giggled and said it stood for 'in a tizzy'.  Didn't I feel like a goober?  She is one step ahead of me as far as raising kids, (her youngest is a freshman in high school) and now I know why she was in a tizzy.  I need to hire someone from UPS or FedEx to help me handle my logistics.  Just kidding, but they might be a great help.

Today was a fairly slow day it the car.  I only put 43 miles on her today, but they were a very important 43 miles.  The old Suburban flipped over to 100,000 miles today.  I'm hoping to get at least another 100K.  That would be most excellent.  It took me 6 years to get this many miles, so in 6 more years I should, should being the key word here, have:  Hop out of college, Harry in college (hopefully a junior), Elizabeth will be a senior in high school, and Henry will be a high school freshman.  So maybe I better plan on getting another 200K out of this car instead of 100K.  It's amazing how just a few years can change everything. 

We had a great weekend.  My in-laws, GiGi & Pop, came to visit to watch all the boys play lacrosse.  Their social calendar is busy.  They are the most active grandparents I have ever met.  I'm glad they are that way, because they live everyday to the fullest.  They will be back in two weeks for Elizabeth's dance recital, after they go to my sister-in-laws graduation from nursing school.  (Yea Sandy!!!  We are so happy for you and all you have accomplished.)  I hope Hopson and I can be this active when we're grandparents, but we're a little ways off from that.  Until that day, we may be NATZ, but what a TZ it is.

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