Looking at Abilties

You know one of the reasons I love my church?  We don't look as some one's disabilities, but instead we look at their abilities.  We know that God has a plan for each one of us.  In our 5 year old class, The ClubHouse, I get to work with a sweet young woman named Ashley.  (Of course I think her name rocks.) 

Ashley is great at what she does.  She is dependable and never complains.  She is patient and kind to everyone.  I feel lucky just to know her.  I love that my church values what Ashley does every Sunday.  When some people look at her they may only see someone who has Down's Syndrome, but I know that is not how God sees her.  He sees someone beautiful who loves Him.  How can I look at her any differently? 

Ashley has not allowed the fact that she has Down's to limit her.  She has a job, she is physically active and has a TON of medals from swimming, she volunteers at church, and on top of it all she is a very snappy dresser.  Ashley has her own website:  www.ashleybydesign.com.  I love that it says she's 'up about downs'.  Ashley knows what her abilities are, and she does them well!

Celebrating Life & all our abilities,



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