When Thank You Isn't Enough

Hannah, Ashley, Chandler, MiMi, Woodson, Jim & Doc
Today Ashley & I were talking about our dads on our 6.7 mile walk.  We talk about a lot of things on our walks.  Luckily, Ash didn't try to 'borrow' any one's paper.  I told her the story of my dad's brain tumor diagnosis, treatment, and eventual death, and then I told her what her dad did for my family.

There are several things you need to know about Doc: (we all call him that because he's a doctor, I know, duh, but I just wanted to clarify.) He is about the kookiest guy I know; he would give you the shirt off his back, and then tell you that you look great in it because it belonged to him; he can play, I think, nine different instruments, and played in a band named Pooh Nanny; he has a great bedside manner; he loves to write on children's arms (Every time we would go see him  he would write something crazy on my boy's arms:  like 'Doc was here' as big as he could); he is a great teacher for medical students; he sends some of the funniest Christmas cards hands down; and He hates to see people suffer. 

Doc would have been the best country doctor, ever.  Country doctors know everything about their patients.  They take care of some of them from birth to the grave.  They are truly invested.  (think of Doc Hogue from the movie Doc Holiday.)  I think that is one thing we are missing from health care today.  I want my doctor to be my friend.  I want him/her to see me not just as a patient or number on a board that they have to get in and out of their office, but as a person. 

Happy Birthday Doc!
Doc was that person for my parents.  He came to my dad's deathbed.  He offered to revive my dad after he passed away; God bless him.  When my mom became septic after her surgery & her surgeon told us to just take her to the emergency room, Doc told me to bring her into his office immediately.  On Christmas Eve, a few days before momma died, Doc made a house call because she was in so much pain.  I know we're not the only family Doc has done that for.  Doc has been our family doctor for years, and I couldn't think of a better man to trust my fam's health care too.

Thank you Doc, for caring for the fam.  We love you, kookiness and all!!!

Celebrating Life!


  1. Don't know how I missed this one. This is the nicest blog post ever about a man I deeply love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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