I'm Sorry, You Want to See What?

Lookin' Gooood

I had to buy wine for a committee dinner that will be happening this Thursday and guess what?  I got carded today!  When the wonderfully sweet lady wanted to see my ID I almost jumped across the counter to give her a big fat smack on the lips.  It has been a long time since someone asked to see my ID.  I laughed and told her she was going to make today's blog posting, and she just asked that I not use her name.  I think I embarrassed her a little.  I didn't mean too, I was just so excited.  I know I don't look 21 anymore, but it's nice to know I look a little older than 30.  (all the signs say if you look to be around 30, they will card you)  She said she just wanted to make sure she didn't end up going to jail.  I told her I didn't care about the reason, I'm just glad she asked.

I guess I do look a little
older with my hair fixed &
makeup on
Let the 40 year old be happy for a bit. 

The really funny thing about being carded today is that I had my workout clothes on, no makeup, and my hair had finally dried from being so sweaty.  In the words of National Lampoon's Cousin Eddie:  I was looking goooood.  (luckily I had put some perfume on so I didn't smell bad.) 

You know, I may never get carded again as long as I live, but I did today & it felt great!

Celebrating Life!


  1. I know what you mean! When I said something to the nurse in the pediatrician's office about turning 40 this year, she said, "No way! I thought you were about 32! I NEVER would have guessed you were almost 40." Made my week!


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