Queens of the Mountian

The view from the bottom

Ok, mountain may be stretching it a bit if you compare it to mountains out west...it's more like a a really steep hill.  Steep being the key word.  It's .3 of a mile straight up.  If I were to rate it on a ski scale, it would be a good blue, even though it is short.  Once I walk it I feel like the Queen of the Mountain.  The fastest I've ever walked the hill is 5 1/2 minutes, and I consider it an accomplishment to make it to the top. 

Rounding the first curve

I talked my friend Ashley into walking the hill last week with me.  I told her to get ready, it's a hard hill.  Half way up she realized that I wasn't kidding.  From a car it doesn't seem that steep, but when you're walking it, your quads and hamstrings scream at you that you must be out of  your mind.  It's so hard on my breaks I usually have to get new ones on my car either every year of every year and a half.  As you round the first little curve & look up you kinda ask yourself if it would just be better to go back home and get on facebook.  No, I will continue on...I will conquer the hill.

Approaching the middle

Ashley told her older girls that they now have a new punishment.  No more grounding or taking away phones or iPads, they would be walking the hill instead.  I think that is a great punishment for kids.  I seriously doubt they would do the behavior again, especially if it was timed.  Some of our high school coaches can be seen watching as their boys run to the top.  I always feel so sorry for those guys.  Walking it is hard enough, I can't imagine running it.  Some of the guys will be encouraging the ones who are having a harder time.  They are all red-faced and sweating.  (kinda how I look when I choose to walk it of my own volition.)
Looking back from past the midpoint

As you approach the middle of the hill you can feel an incline change.  It gets a little steeper...a little harder.  Your heart is starting to pound and you realize that, nuts, you still have half the hill, and the steepest part left.  Once you pass half way you feel another incline change.  When you hams are killing you, you turn around and walk backwards.  I turned around to take pictures.  Ashley & I walked the hill today & we both were rocking it out!  I was proud of her, she did great & I felt like a million bucks.  I was sweating & breathing hard & my heart was pounding, but I felt great!

Rounding the last curve
looking back down

Rounding the last curve, you turn around to peer down the hill, and realize that you could ski down it.  It would be a short run but a good one.  You have just a little more uphill to go & then it flattens out a bit so you can catch your breath.  On our walk today we walked 6.3 miles and walked up 3 different big hills.  My hill is the steepest, and our legs were burning by the end of our walk.  I hope I will be able to stand up by tomorrow.  :)  Ashley & I decided we're going to try to walk a half marathon.  Goodness knows we talk the whole time & so it will pass very quickly.  It's a goal to have & with her along, it will be a blast!

On a side note, I tried on my archenemy today & am proud to say that I can get them zipped up easily, and could sit down comfortably!  Yea!!!  This is where you do the dance. (you know the one from Evan Almighty?)  I'm not going to let up now that I'm on a roll.  I want to see if I can get the pants to be loose by the end of March.  We'll see.  I know taking on the mountain at least once a week will help a lot, especially since I'll have my friend to cheer me on!  Thanks Ash for being a Queen of the Mountain with me!!!

Celebrating Life, friendship & being Queen!
It's good to be Queen...


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