The Bonds of Brotherhood

There is something about brothers, something special.  When they're little they build Legos, play cars, pretend to be superheroes, roll in, throw, and wear dirt, watch Sesame Street, want to shave like daddy, and sometimes fight.  As they get older they play ping pong, shoot pool, play video games, go hunting, practice lacrosse, do yard work, wear dirt, shave like daddy, watch (and quote) movies, and sometimes fight. The way boys fight compared to girls is so much better.  Boys get in each other's faces, yell, they might throw a punch (this has not happened in our house, thank you Lord!), work it out, and get over it.  Girls can hold a grudge for years!  I don't like that, but this posting is not about girls, it's about the boys...

I love it when all my boys get along.  It's those days you want to hide in your heart.  Here lately Hop & Harry have really taken Henry under their lacrosse sticks to help him become a better player.  All three will be in the backyard working on their throwing, catching, and shooting.  It makes this momma's heart happy.  Last week when we had a little down time the three boys were out back practicing.  Hop & Harry ganged up on Henry & told him it was his turn to pick-up dog poop in the yard.  They told him that if he did it this time they would take turns the next two times.  Normally this is not one of Henry's jobs, so I think they pulled a fast one on him, and of course they were laughing at him as he went around the yard picking up poop.  I didn't say anything, he'll learn eventually to start questioning what they tell him to do; or maybe he won't, because they'll bribe him with car rides. 

I will say, we have many more good days than bad.  My prayer is that all my children will look back on their childhood and remember happy times and a home filled with love.  I hope the boys will keep their bonds of brotherhood strong as they grow older.  Nothing can replace the friendship and love of a brother.

Celebrating Life & boys!


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