Somebody Give Me That Baby

There are a few weird things you need to know about me: 
  1. Although I love the ages of my children now, and would never want to go back to when they were little bitties.
  2. Even though I don't want my children as babies anymore, I LOVE babies.
  3. There is nothing better to put on your face than new baby feet.  They are so soft!
  4. Smelling baby lotions and powders is not the same smell as a new baby.  I've tried.
  5. I could smell new babies all day and be content.
  6. If they could replicate new baby smell I would buy it by the gallon!
The kiddos with their newest cousin
My brother, Cotton & his wife Leah, and my sister, Amy, came up to visit this weekend.  Leah had a wedding shower to go to so we babysat.  I had to fight for baby time.   Oh he is so precious.  For a split second I did want my kiddos to be little, but then I remembered that you don't get any sleep with a new baby & I quickly changed my mind.  (you really don't get a lot of sleep with teenagers either, but you can at least joke around and hang out with them.) 

Elizabeth was an especially huge baby hog this weekend....  How am I supposed to be baby Henry's favorite if she's holding him all the time?  He would smile and make noises at her.  I'm just a smidge jealous, can you tell?

This is my sister, Amy.  Her speciality is spoiling children rotten.  She has spoiled mine since the day they were born.  Sometimes it would take at least a week to deprogram them just from being around her for a weekend.  It's going to be hard for me to compete with her too.  She's had a lot of practice at being the favorite.  :/

Hoppy & Harry even loved looking at & loving on that little rug rat.  They are both older than Cotton was when Hoppy was born, so they could almost be the uncles instead of the much older cousins.  When we go to visit them or Henry come to us, Hop & Harry will be the ones to drive him around and get him whatever he wants.  I'm getting the feeling it's going to be harder & harder to be this baby's favorite, because once Hop & Harry are grown, Elizabeth & Henry will come right behind them. 

 I will say this, all the children love their newest cousin, and when he would smile at them, the world might as well have stopped.  Baby Henry will know he has an extended family who think he is a wonderful gift, and we plan on loving and spoiling him for a long time to come!  We love you baby Henry!!!
Celebrating new life!


  1. He looks so cute. Can't wait to walk and hear all about it.


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