Couch Time

Hopson snores.  And I mean he snores loudly!  When he takes the children hunting not one of them will sleep in the same room with him because you can hear him snoring throughout the entire house.  It's like a freight train.  He has horrible allergies, and I don't know if that is a contributing factor or what, but I've tried kicking him, getting him to roll over, getting him to take a melatonin to help him sleep, but nothing has worked.  It has led to many fitful or no nights of sleep.  I'm not happy if I have no sleep.

Right now I'm writing this from my couch in our family room because I just couldn't take another minute of the sound.  It's not a bad place to sleep, but not nearly as comfy or warm as my bed.  He always tells me to kick him out, but I'm awake, so I might as well be productive...

Hope is on the horizon!  A dentist who hunts at the same club where the fam hunts told Hopson about an appliance he can wear at night to help with his snoring!!!  Yes, please we'll take 10 of those. 

For my 40th birthday I didn't ask for any presents, I wanted Hopson to go for a sleep study.  His track record for following through with gifts like that is a little spotty.  (for our anniversary 3 years ago I asked for some up lighting for our house, it took him 2 years to get it done)  Last week when Hopson woke me up with his snoring I kicked him, and asked in a rather raised voice when he was going to get fitted for the stupid mouth piece.  At the time, I didn't think my sleepless self could deal with another night of this.  He said he was going on Monday.  You know which Monday?  That would be today!!!!!  I can't wait.  Please let there be a quick turn around on getting the appliance, but I'm betting on two weeks.  Just two more weeks...two more weeks....two more weeks...can I not suffocate him in his sleep for two more weeks?

I threw up everyday for all nine months of each pregnancy  (that is equal to throwing up for 3 years) I can handle anything for two weeks!  I'll let you all know how it goes.  :)  Maybe tonight I'll take a Melatonin so hopefully I'll get a good night's sleep!

Celebrating Life, sleep & a husband who in the future will not snore!


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