The Real Me

Everyday I fight.  No, it's nothing serious or life-threatening.  I fight my own vanity.  Part of me wishes the big hair from the 80's would just come back in style.  I can totally do big hair, and I don't really have to try too hard.

Here is the real me.  I'm a riot of curls....  What's so sad is that it takes minimal effort for me to get my hair to do this.  A little mousse, about 5-7 minutes with my blow dryer, and some hair spray.  How you see my hair on my profile picture to the right is how I want my hair to look everyday, but today it's raining and humid.  Since it's just going to curl up anyway as soon as I step outside no matter how much I straighten and spray it I just went with the real me.  It's Au natural.  Lovely isn't it?

Hopson likes my hair like this.  Crazy man, he wants me to look wild and untamed I guess.  He also like me with no make-up on, (I have very little on today) but I won't scare you with the plain face shot today, we'll save it for another day.  :)  Even though my hair is crazy curly, I'm going to be thankful I have hair to fix.

Celebrating Life!


  1. I'm with Hopson. Embrace the curl! I like the crazy look. Although I'm biased. I have a very similar look going on. And I've reached for the straightener once too often.


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