My Little Worm

The worm on the 4 wheeler
Everyone in our family has a nickname.  Nicknames are special.  You normally don't give someone a nickname you don't care about.  Henry probably has the strangest nickname of everyone in our family.  We don't call him baby, even though he is the baby of our family; we call him Worm.  Starting from the time he was born he wiggled constantly, so he was our little wiggle worm.  After 9 1/2 years it has been shortened to worm.  I know that's weird, and I didn't intend on it sticking, but it's just part of who he is.  Even some of Hop & Harry's friends call him worm.  It's too funny.

Helping to make home made play dough
Henry has never met a stranger; he's kind to a fault; he loves to build things, and take them apart; he likes to hunt, play with friends, and drive the four wheeler; he can be a little lazy, but is willing to lend a hand if you ask him; he likes to help cook; he's content and easy going; and probably one of the sweetest kids ever; and his favorite color is orange.  His goal is to be a Lego engineer.  I think that's awesome.  He would be a great one.  He's very creative. 

the Lego city he is working on
the little worm

He's a crazy little worm, and says things that make me laugh often.  He's a great swan song to our family.  He's just my little Worm. :)

Celebrating Life & a little Worm,

sifting through his Legos to find just the right one


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