Stupid Phone

So as you read, my iPhone deleted the text from my original post on the 15th of this month.  It was actually a good one too.  The one you see now is a replacement & it is sub par at best.  I wrote it very quickly on the 16th & adjusted the schedule date so it would show as the 15th.  Stupid phone!

I hate that I feel like I'm tethered to my computer and phone.  I mean, I was alive before we had both, and I survived just fine.  (except for when I had papers for different Psych classes that were at least 30 pages long.  I promise I'm not making that up!)  Remember the days when you had to actually go to the library to do research?  I spent many an hour there in college.  I even got turned around in Auburn University's HUGE library & couldn't find my way out.  (No, I'm not a natural blond, but it was my first of many blond moments.) 

My first cell phone was one of those ginormous bag phones.  I think it cost either $1 or $2 a minute to use, and Hopson told me I was only to use it in emergencies.  I was in graduate school at the time & doing a lot of driving back and forth late at night.  Now if I don't have my cell phone on my person I feel naked.  It's a horrible feeling.

Can you fast your cell phone?  Maybe.  I know people who fast facebook during Lent or for our church's 21 days of Prayer.  This is one of those 'things that make you go 'hum' moments'.  Oh well, I'm off to drive a child where they need to go.  Maybe I'll do a deletion test to see if my stupid phone deletes another posting.

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