Losing What Needs to be Lost

I really don't like being on a diet.  It's not fun.  I like to eat too  much.  I exercise, but I would need to exercise for hours for it all the balance out.  Along with restricting my caloric intake, I have started exercising multiple hours a day.  I figure it's the only way I'm going to get the rest of this weight off.  I like walking with my friend, Ashley.  We have great conversations and try to solve a few problems along the way.  Much better to exercise with a friend than alone!

I would love to be back to my high school weight of 108 or my college weight of 112.  I haven't seen either one of those numbers in a long time...Ugh!  Hopson was so sweet the other day, he said he could tell I've lost weight.  He may have just been trying to brown nose me.  (just kidding, he was very complimentary.) 

I am trying very hard to get in shape...I have my archenemy to conquer!  In a few weeks will introduce you to my nemesis, I let you guess what it is.  We've been fighting for many years and have a love/hate relationship.  For me, there's no easy quick fix I know of to lose weight, that does not involve needles or cutting.  It just takes time, focus, and perseverance.

Today I saw a Groupon for SmartLipo.  Now, in my perfect world, that's what I'm talkin' about.  Go into the doctor's office, a few zaps with a laser & bye bye cellulite and hello tighter skin.  For me, this is probably never going to happen...too many kids with a lot of activities, and money flying out the door.  It's all good though, if I have to work a little harder to lose weight, that's ok, but a girl can dream.  Oh well, I'm going to finish my workout now, and then I'll eat a salad.  Here is the add for my dream date, I mean the Groupon. 

Celebrating Life & losing what needs to be lost!

$2,599 for Full SmartLipo Treatment ($5,250 Value)

Value $5,250
Discount 50%
You Save $2,651

In a Nutshell

SmartLipo laser travels under skin to zap fat deposits on abdomen & flanks, slimming figures while toning surrounding skin

The Fine Print

An excess of cellulite can harm self-confidence, much like romantic rejection or falling for your own Ponzi scheme. Nourish your self-image with this Groupon.

$2,599 for Full SmartLipo Treatment ($5,250 Value)

During a three- to five-hour SmartLipo MPX session, the doctor makes minuscule incisions in the skin under local anesthesia, then zeroes in on subcutaneous fat on the upper and lower belly and flanks with a thin laser fiber. The treatment not only aims to melt fat but also to tighten the skin in the targeted area.


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