Only from a Father

There are things only a father can teach his children.  Hopson is wonderful at teaching our children so many things.  (including how to be messy, even though I'm not crazy about this one.)  I can not teach my boys to be the men they need to grow up to be.  I can try but it will never be enough.  They have research that shows children who have a father who is active in their lives are less likely to engage in high risk behaviors.

Hopson can fix anything; build anything; is an avid hunter; loves to argue (he's a CPA, but likes to play at being an attorney); he's one of the best critical thinkers I've ever met; he's caring but not gushy about it (I love it when he brings me flowers; it makes my day!); loving but not weak; and he is great at teaching our children all the skills he possesses.

We don't having any boys playing baseball this year; the first time in a long time.  We have traded in our baseball bats for lacrosse sticks.  Hopson built a batting cage about 7 years ago in our backyard, so the boys could practice their batting. Hop & Harry asked if we could turn it into a lacrosse throwing net.  Tonight Hopson had the big boys out helping him think through the whole process.  They did a good job beginning the process tonight.  They will have to finish it this weekend, and the boys will get another lesson that only a daddy can teach them.

Celebrating Life & a great husband & father!


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