I'm a Dork

No really, I'm a total dork.  Thank goodness the only person who saw me, this time, was Harry.  Of course he laughed at me.  I mean if I had seen me I would have laughed too!

So, Elizabeth told me yesterday she needed more ring pops for her Valentine's party at school today...insert eye roll here.  I decided I would go to the store before I needed to pick her up from dance.  Harry drove, because that's what he likes to do more than anything right now.  Into Wal-Mart we go...

Quick sidebar:  I like to wear high heels. (like at least 4 inch high heels)  I'm vertically challenged and need as much height as I can get.  I also have ankles that will fall out in a second.  I've sprained and strained my ankles so many times that when I walk they'll just roll.  Yeah, it's great.  Now, pair my ankles with my high heels, and you could (or in my case did) have the potential for something dorkish to happen.

...we're going to get the ring pops, of which they were out.  Harry is asking for everything in the store.  I'm sorry are you three?  No, Harry.  We're not going to get cookies or Pringles or Grips.  Then he spots the Goldfish.  (insert another eye roll here)  No, no Goldfish.  Then he tells me they are 'Flavor Blast' like that's going to make me change my mind.  I'm standing there, in my high heels, when my left ankle gives out & I fall flat on my fanny. 

Yes, I fell, in the middle of Wal-Mart, on the cracker isle, on my fanny, hard.  And it hurt.  I felt it right up into my spine.  Now I know why that old lady says shes fallen and she can't get up.  I didn't want to get up, I wanted to sit there until my fanny stopped hurting.  Too bad I couldn't just blame it on wet floors.  Harry said we could sue them for all the Flavor Blast Goldfish we could stand.  That's just what I wanted...more Goldfish than we could eat in a lifetime.  No, I fell because I'm a dork. 

At least I made Harry laugh & big Hopson too.

Celebrating Life, tall shoes & good balance!


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