What Happened?!

Oh my goodness, I just checked my posting from yesterday & it's blank...YIKES!!!  I'm going to delete it.

Y'all I'm so sorry.  I posted it from my iPhone so I have no idea what happened to the post.  That makes me somewhat unhappy.  :/

So I'm going to do 2 for today to make up for yesterday. 

Yesterday I talked about one of my favorite books:  The Help.  Violia Davis was born to play the role of Aibileen Clark in the movie based on the book.  You feel what she feels.  I love Aibileen's character.

A few months ago I was chosen as a guest blogger on my sorority's alum site.  What I posted for this month is something I feel very strongly about & I wanted to share it with you.

You can see it here.

One thing you need to remember is:
You is Kind
You is Smart
You is Important

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