Valentines Shmalentines

Ok, my least favorite holiday is Valentine's Day...whew, there I said it!  All you boo birds can just boo all you want.  I think it's stupid to relegate love to a season.  Hopson buying me flowers or taking me out to dinner means much more when he's not compelled to do it.  And when did it become vogue to make it a big deal to give children Valentine's presents?  My children are not my husband is.  If I'm not doing anything for him, I'm not doing anything for them. I can understand the little children giving valentines at school & having valentine's parties at school, but from parents?  Um no, not in this house.  How about a big hug & I love you?  Happy Valentine's Day!
The only redeeming quality about Valentine's Day is the candy.  We are sugarholics around here.  (well the children and I are anyway)  I love candy.  I'm going to blame it on my mom because we didn't get to eat candy as children and now I crave it!  (yes, I'm 40, but candy is happiness in a wrapper.)  So you see it's really all my mom's fault.  I am totally kidding!  Me wanting to overdose on sugar is totally on me.  I've been doing better, but I still like to eat it. :/  Starting on the 15th, all the candy goes on sale! :)

So tomorrow around here will be just another day.  We will treat each other like we always do; talk about our days; and quickly shuttle children all over our city to their different activities.  But, there will be no special Valentine's flowers, dinner, or goodies for anyone, because one day in February isn't special, but the fam is!

Celebrating Life!


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