Doe a Deer

Ok, this is just cool; we have deer that have been walking in our yard.  I love deer.  I think they are beautiful creatures.  (they are also very yummy!)  I've seen them out and about every once in a while in our neighborhood eating all the pansies.  I think they have to battle the bunnies for them.  I love it when you come across a deer, they will freeze and stare at you.  You'll slow down and then they'll bound away.  So graceful.  There is a small strip of woods between our subdivision and the high school and they like to wander around in them.

Hopson was 'walking the yard' looking for weeds that needed to be pulled when he came across this hoof print.  (it's the dark part in the picture above.)  Harry took this picture for me & I think he did a great job.  Thanks Harry Cotton! 

Celebrating Life & God's beautiful creatures,


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