A Well Lived Life

These last few weeks I've been thinking of friends who have passed away, and their families.  It's not a morbid thing, it's just something will happen:  a song will come on the radio, or the smell of something; or maybe it's just deja vu.  I don't know, but I do think about them.  I've also noticed that the weird part of me has a hard time letting go of certain things.  I have their contact info still on my computer & phone or I'm still friends with them on FaceBook. 

It seems so unfair when a life is cut short in its prime.  It's not something you plan on when you get married and have children.  You plan on growing old together, and spending many wonderful years celebrating milestones of your children and grandchildren.  But, no one said life is fair.  Not one day is promised to any of us.  We're given this day.  So today, I want to focus on one of my friends who had a well lived life.

Shawntel.  We were not best friends, and out of our seven combined children, we each have 1 that is the same age.  Her son & my daughter are both in 6th grade this year, but we had different community activities where we served together, and we would always stop and talk to each other at the ball park, grocery store, etc.  Shawntel was a beautiful woman.  Her beauty came from inside her and radiated out.  You talk about someone who could get something done.  And don't think that you can tell her no, because she would find some reason for you to tell her yes.  She was a true go getter in every sense of the word.  In everything she did she demanded excellence from herself and others.  Nothing but the best was good enough.

Divisional Swim Meet

She made me laugh, and she always had a smile ready for anyone.  We got to know each other on the pool deck in the summers during swim meets.  We were stroke and turn judges, among other things, and every once in a while we were the subject of ridicule to irate parents.  She would give me the 'OK...whatever' look when a parent was telling us how their child didn't deserve to be DQ'd.  (we had to DQ our own kids, it's not something we enjoyed doing to any one's children, trust me!)

She loved her boys, and she was a true boy mom.  The mess, smell, and rowdiness of boys didn't faze her, but when those boys needed their mom, she was there with a smile and a hug.  With boys sometimes you just have to shrug your shoulders and roll with it.     

Shawntel's 6 month angelversary is today, maybe that's why I've been thinking about her.  All I know is...our world has been a little grayer without her & heaven has to be a little brighter.  Walter, please know that Shawntel will be remembered for what made her so wonderful:  her love of Christ; how she felt about you and the boys; and the ready smile and helping hand she was always willing to give.  Your boys are one of her greatest achievements, and all four of you bring her memory honor.

Celebrating a well lived life by a beautiful woman!


  1. Thank you for you blog. I needed it today. My brother in law has been battling stage 4 cancer for 5 years and received bad news today. It is a hard process to watch people you love go through and feel so helpless. Your words were very inspiring and your term "angelversary" made me smile. Thanks.


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