Doing a lot of Sitting

And no that's not babysitting.  I wish, then I might be making some money.  I spent 6 hours driving today.  Yuck.  I'll be spending more time next week in the car.  The next month is going to be kinda crazy.

We are trippin' in out over the next few weeks.  (or at least the children and I are.  Hopson will be working when we go to Tampa.)  There are some good and bad things about driving long distances for me. 

For the good:
  • There are three of us that will be driving:  Hoppy, Harry & myself.  (Of course big Hop drives when he's with us, but to Tampa, it will just be us three.)
  • Short driving shifts.  Driving 9 hours straight makes me cross-eyed and very sleepy.
  • Great conversations & movies movies movies.  The children will also spend a few of the hours reading, and a few hours watching movies.  We may throw a few games in there too, it just depends.

For the bad:
  • I get sleepy when I drive.  There have been many times when I have had to shake myself awake.  It's bad.  Thank goodness for caffeine.  Just have to make sure to have an empty stomach so it can hit me fast.
  • Sitting for 9 hours in the car with 4 children.  We always have the 'no complaining zone', but in those close quarters, a few arguments will break out, especially the closer we get to our destination.  I may have to put my wooden spoon, aka Mr. Do Right, in the car & use it if he's needed.
  • I get sleepy when I drive, did I mention that already?
All in all, it will be fine.  I just have to chill, and just make the getting there fun.  I'll have to get some yummy snacks for everyone.  That will make them happy for at least 15 minutes.  :)  Oh well, it's the getting there that's half the fun.

Celebrating Life & being on the road again,


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