Hanging with Auntie

Amy in the back with Harry,
Henry, Elizabeth & Hopson

This weekend we spent some time with my sister Amy.  My children call her Auntie.  She is my sibling that always, when she walks in a room has immediate command of it and is COA.  (that's center of attention for those of you who don't know.)  She is a little crazy, but we love her for it.

My children also call her Auntie Candy.  I think the name is self explanatory.  They like to 'sneak up' when she comes for a visit.  That means that after mom & dad have gone to sleep, they sneak downstairs with Auntie & sneak candy.  :/  I've found candy under Henry's bed after Amy has come over for a visit.  We don't eat candy upstairs...especially in the bedrooms.  Oh well, it's their tradition with her, so we allow it only when she is over for a visit. 

Amy & I are 15 months apart, but are as different as night and day.  I'm controlling, she's carefree.  Amy loves little children, I love to be with older kids.  (she's like the Pied Piper with little kids, they are just drawn to her.  It's pretty amazing to watch.)  Amy is silly & I'm serious.  I'm Captain Cautious, Amy throws caution to the wind.  Amy would rather have candy for dinner...well we agree there, but I'm going to make the fam. eat their veggies, and then they can have some candy.  :)  I love to watch her when she gets really animated, she's funny.  She loves my children and they love her very much.

Amy sking
It was fun weekend.  Amy even skied.  I was proud of her.  I haven't had the guts to try to ski in a few years.  Hopson found about a three foot wave a few years ago & it threw me hard.  I don't bounce as well as I used too.  Ouch.  Maybe I'll be brave and try this year like Amy did.

Celebrating life & my sister,


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