Is this the Amazon?

Did my brother say rainy season?  Rainy season, were am I. Tampa or the Amazon?  Apparently there is not much difference.

Pirates 4D..aren't we sexy with our 3D glasses?
Today we did Busch Gardens...for an hour and a half.  An hour and a half into our visit we are hit by a monsoon.  Cotton said it's rainy season.  There was lightening popping and thunder booming all around us...

...A side note.  I was having a great hair day.  It was coiffed and shellacked so it wouldn't move.  I was very happy.  Then I stepped outside.  Humid doesn't even begin to describe the heaviness of the air.  Do you know what humidity does to naturally curly hair that's been straightened?  It makes it extremely curly no matter how much hairspray you use on it.  Couple that with the rain & it was a hair disaster.  Oh well, nothing to be done about, so I'll just pull it back out of my face & go on with life.  I'm forty, married, and have four children.  Am I really trying to impress everyone I see?  (the vain side of me...yes; the practical

...we had made a quick detour to our locker to grab a water bottle before riding on Sheikra when the bottom literally fell out.  Thank goodness for IPhone.  I pull out my trusty phone with the GREAT weather app & start tracking the summer storm over us.  We were in orange heading to red.  Red is bad, red is bad, red is bad.  Hop makes sure to tell us to crouch down if the lightening comes close so if we're struck it won't travel the full length of our chest, because 3 amps of current running through your chest will kill you.  Honors physics at it's best. 

Red passes over, whew.  People are tromping through the 1-2 inches of water that cover the ground trying to get somewhere dry.  (it's deeper in some spots)  The only problem is that there is no where that's dry.  We are about to head out when the thunder starts to boom & lightening is popping again.  Oh no, more red.  So we are waiting again.  I'm not running in the lightening, that's just stupid.  Just in case you were wondering, there are A LOT of stupid people out there.  I think we waited for an hour for the weather to pass.  We then hear the announcement that all the attractions were closing for the rest of the day because of the weather.  :(  We rode two roller coasters and saw one show.  Even though that's all we did, we had a great time.  It's just fun to be with family!

Celebrating Life!


  1. Side note: Monsoon is the WIND that brings the rain! :) (Ask Hop and Har to explain how that works in India. Drag up the 8th grade history for them!)


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