Happier by Half

Today is my half birthday.  I'm 40 1/2.  :)  Remember when you were a child and it was a really big deal to become that half.  I'm not 8, I'm 8 1/2.  It reminded you that each day you drew closer to your real birthday, which took FOREVER to come around.  How is it that when you're young, 365 days is so slow, but as you get older those same 365 days fly? 

I can't believe six months have already passed.  In six months I'll still be picking up from Christmas.  Asking the children to again, take all their stuff upstairs and put it away.  I'll be organizing everything, and trying to figure out what I need to take back.  I might go shopping on my birthday.  I do this sometimes and get some great finds. 

Today I'll be celebrating my half birthday by working out.  :)  I need it after our weekend in Tampa.  Wow I ate a lot.  I'm also going to do Zumba today, so I'll feel great in a few hours.  I need to do regular things:  grocery store, bank, laundry, cook, etc.  We have a swim meet tonight, so I'll be going to that this afternoon in the 97 degree heat with 87% humidity.  Curly hair for me today.  It's blazing hot.  We need some rain.

Really it's just a regular day of life, and I just happen to be a little older, hopefully a little wiser, and more happy by half!  It's been a great six months & I look forward to the next six. 

Thank you for sharing my journey so far.  I've enjoyed every second of it, and I know how truly blessed I am.

Celebrating Life!


  1. I once heard that life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer to the end it gets, the faster it goes. Happy Half-Birthday!


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